Lisa Mele

  All of my creations are made in The United States, produced from Studio 483 in the Sonoran Desert SouthWest of Tucson Arizona.

My clients and friends are my muses. I love to design for them. Their happiness and appreciation is the final touch to every piece.

I take my inspiration from the gemstones, and nature herself. Nature is the ultimate artist, and I am forever in awe of her creative and spectacular creations here on earth.

Natural gemstones are the results of millions of years in the creation from the geological forces here on our planet. Making many of them rare and finite.

Humans are replicating some of these gemstones now in laboratory settings. This now includes diamonds. It’s more important than ever you know what you are buying and the person representing it, know what they are talking about.

I also only use recycled and refined gold, platinum and silver. What the industry calls “green” metals. I have a small studio space in the city, and am growing gardens and wild spaces for the insects and wild birds to live and forage on.

I welcome all commissioned work, plus I have a collection of finished pieces, ready and waiting for you.

I look forward to sharing my expertly handcrafted artistic creations with you.

Thank you for stopping in to look.